At B-G it is our tradition that we provide quality work with fair dealing as well as to sustained growth. We strive continuously to add values to all our customers. Our company is proud of our past and because of our founder's effort and dedication, we have all the capabilities to provide that quality of electrical service. The tradition of providing quality work preserved our founder's belief. We delivered the job right regardless and confirming job satisfaction. We invoice in detail fairly and complete the job promptly, work guarantee.

Our business is build and based upon uncompromising code of values and our customer is the most important part of our business. We provide a reasonable fair price and we live to our promises. We treat our employees with fairness and respect. We provide opportunity, support, and performance feedback so that each one can be successful.

We take pride in our long-standing commitment in ensuring safety workplace. Our personnel are trained for health and safety with great emphasize on injury prevention. We invest on training and awareness program for the safety or our employees.

All our personnel are dedicated from Master Electricians, Licensed Electricians, Registered Apprentice and Electrical Engineering.









"We at B-G Electric take pride in doing our work; we perform our job while making sure our clients are satisfied, work guarantee"